Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY maintained «Conversations by the Fire»

On October, 27 the final of the competition for the best ecological route «Conversations by the Fire» took place. Its winners got prizes by Kemerovo waste paper recycling plant.

8 teams of ecology volunteers from different towns of Kuzbass presented to the jury their projects to establish and develop ecological routes. Critical to the assessment were the measured environmental effects, the originality of the idea, the possibility to develop the project and to attract the local community to realize it.

In the experts opinion the most interesting project was the ecological route «We remember! We are proud of» by the team «The Tourists» from Myski district. It is devoted to the native of Kuzbass, Hero of the Soviet Union Michail Kuyukov, machine gunner of the 65th Army of the Belarussian Front who had perished on September, 1943. One of the peaks of Gornaya Shoria was named after him. The rout to Kuyukov is well thought out, has the prospect of development and the opportunity to attract numerous people. Thus massive climb is planned in 2024 in honour of the hero’s 100th anniversary.