The results of Ecodvor in «Laplandia»

On April 20-21 in Kemerovo mall «Laplandia» another Ecodvor took place – an environmental education event on separate collection of household waste. Kuzbass SKARABEY has been the logistic partner of the event for several years already.

Ecodvor was held within the framework of conscious consumption festival «Garazhka» among other activities such as handmade goods sales, free bio-glitter makeup, creative master classes, exchanging things and houseplants.

At the end of the event it was collected 100 kg of waste paper, 167 kg of glass, 24 kg of tin, 2.9 kg aluminum, and various polymers: 12 kg film, 7 kg PET, 26 kg PP, 3.5 kg HPPE. Waste paper was immediately sent to Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY for recycling, the other recyclables are being stored for future disposal by the industrial park «Zapadniy» residents.