Orthodox Pathfinders visited Kuzbass SKARABEY new manufacturing

Scouts of «Nikolskaya Zvezda» squad from the Russian Brotherhood of Orthodox Pathfinders visited new manufacturing of Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY to learn the process of waste paper recycling.

The squad leader, father Andrey (Zablodskiy) conducts active educational work with the younger generation. Children usually communicate with their mentor during summer camps. Careful attitude towards nature and its’ resources conserving is one of ongoing topics for discussion. To reinforce the conscious way of living skills, pathfinders participate in waste paper collecting, then deliver it to the plant for recycling. Besides, the company and the Kemerovo Diocese hold joint environmental actions to clean holy springs surrounding area, rivers banks and areas around temples.

In 2022 in gratitude for children’s efforts the company acquired tents, sleeping bags, tourist rugs and other things necessary for trips.