Eco-friendly gifts for the environmental competition

All the 12 families – the finalists of the regional competition «Family. Ecology. Culture» have been presented kid’s cardboard constructor-houses by Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY. Original gifts made of recycled cardboard were handed to the participants of the competition by Director of the Committee for Environmental Protection of Kuzbass Sergey Vysotskiy.

The final of the 9-th regional competition «Family. Ecology. Culture» took place on May 25 at the Cultural Centre of Inskoy settlement. 12 of 200 families that had applied for the competition from 20 municipalities took part in the final stage. The aim of the competition is improvement of the ecological culture of the Kuzbass’ population, involving it in natural resource conservation and environmental stewardship. Each family should present its own environmental project. Both the content of the project and the form of its presentation are evaluated – the more interesting and artistic it is – the higher evaluation of the jury it gets.

This year the Dordin family from Novokuznetsk became the winners. The project they had presented was devoted to plastic caps collecting. Part of them are recycled and the other part is used for art. Thus the Dordins showed their piece of art «The Earth» 1,5 metre in height assembled of 2 300 caps. Assembling took more than 2 years.

The second place took the Rodionov family from Myski. They presented the project of memorizing the only Soviet Union Hero-Shorian Mikhail Kuyukov by making his personal ecological route to the peak named after him.

The third place was shared between the Rysyatovs from Beryozovskiy and the Fadeevs from Kiselyovsk. The Rysyatov family’s project was devoted to the problem of recycling home first aid kits. Fadeevs’ project refers to the tasks of waste sorting.