Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY’s employees were celebrated with regional awards

Governor’s Reception was held in Kemerovo on the eve of the Chemist Day, where the best employees of the specialized enterprises were celebrated for their merit. The awards were presented by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kemerovo region – Minister of Industry and Trade of Kuzbass Leonid Starosvet.

Shift supervisor of the enterprise Irina Avtushenko was awarded the medal «For Faith and Goodness» after the years of conscientious work and a great personal contribution to the development of the industry. Process engineer Ruslan Arefiev was celebrated with Honorary Diploma of the Governor of Kuzbass.

Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY is the biggest recycling enterprise in the region but there is no Governor’s Reception for this branch of industry now. According to the tradition the plant’s employees are invited to be celebrated among chemists.

Chemist Day was established in 1965 and have been regularly сelebrated on the last Sunday of May since 1980.