7 million trees are saved!

The virtual counter of the trees saved from felling has passed the 7 million mark. This is the environmental impact of the company’s activities for 21.5 years.

In six months Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY will celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the foundation. The enterprise is the largest recycler in the region. Disposing 120 thousand tons of waste paper per year, the plant saves 1.2 million trees from elimination for the sake of cellulose. According to the calculation every minute Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY saves 2 trees which is clearly demonstrated by the virtual counter on the main page of website.

In 2024 the enterprise started to prepare for constructing the 3-rd stage of the plant with the capacity of 240 thousand tons of waste paper per year. Аfter completion of the project сumulative environmental effect from the work of KDM-1, KDM-2 and KDM-3 will make at least 3.6 million trees per year.