Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY increases purchase volume of waste paper from landfills

In April the plant will buy 5 times more waste paper from landfills than in current month. Low-grade waste paper for mixed disposal will amount to 100 tons.

In March 2023 Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY started to recycle low-grade waste paper in minimal percentage to usual waste paper. The first trial 20 tons’ batch of that waste paper was successfully recycled on KDM-2 equipment under supervision of technologists and specialists of the quality control department. The usual and landfill waste paper ratio in the composition will be gradually changed towards an increase of the last.

The Company's specialists will continue to monitor the process ensure that quality remains constant. Depending on the characteristics of the usual and additional landfill waste paper the ratio can be changed until 40/60.

Regional operators for the treatment of solid municipal waste are the main suppliers of landfill waste paper. There are two ways of extraction of paper and cardboard waste that have been prohibited for disposal since 2019 - at the waste sorting stage (when it is a waste sorting complex at a landfill) or manual collection of waste from the total stock. The second way is low-efficient but allows to provide additional income and besides create jobs for socially vulnerable groups of the population.

Landfill waste paper is 3-4 times cheaper than ordinary. Using such materials allows to reduce product costs. When the manufacturing line KDM-2 had been started equipped with the low-quality waste paper recycling machinery Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY tightened input control on ordinary waste paper. Raw materials announced as high-quality and having however high humidity or contamination are to be accepted as low-quality landfill materials at an appropriate price.

Watch our video to know more about the recycling of low-quality waste paper from landfills.