Chemistry students went through the waste paper recycling

On October 30 1-2 grade students of Institute of Chemical and Oil and Gas Technologies visited paper and cardboard production of Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY to learn the recycling technology.

The quality route started with warehouse of waste paper where the students observed recyclables acceptance from suppliers. In the grinding and preparation department the guests monitored a bale breaker operation to release compressed waste paper from bales and a hydrоbeater operation, where the process of preparation of the pulp begins.

Then the guests proceeded to the pulp preparation department to see the further grinding and cleaning process and after that followed went to the cardboard workshop. This is where liquid pulp turns into a new product – paper or cardboard.

The students also visited the technical control laboratory where waste paper and products are being checked for compliance with GOST and TU. They visited the warehouse where produced paper goes to be forwarded to customer.

The excursion to the enterprise was held within the framework of vocational guidance of the institute and some students displayed interest in practical training at Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY.