Working holydays: why teenagers preferred working at the plant to summer vacation

For the second year running Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY offers summer vacancies for teenagers. To earn some money during summertime is available both for personnel’s children and for teens that were sent by the Public employment centre. There is no shortage of those who wish to earn. We’ve talked to guys to understand what do they wake up early for and hurry to the shuttle bus.

Angelina is 17. She finished 10th grade in May and for a couple with a classmate Artyom went to the Public employment centre to learn where she could earn. Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY took her attention for its noble mission – recycling. Moreover, the enterprise is familiar to girl since school excursion. The expectations hadn’t deceived – the stuff is friendly, working is comfortable. The responsibilities remind domestic: washing floor, wiping window sills… It’s just hard to wake up in the morning – the shuttle starts to gather stuff early and everyone should be at the stop in time - time and hunger wait for no one.

With the new school year Angelina will go to driving school – her cherished dream is to get driver’s license. Education isn’t cheap but she doesn’t want to sak parents for money. So she’d decided to earn it herself. Angelina is a pretty purposeful girl – she’s going to enter university to became PR specialist. She doesn’t doubt where to pass educational practice.

Vladislav is 14. He is passionate about motorcycling and dreams about a pitbike. It’s no need to have driver’s license for it – just seat and accelerate. Peers will get jealous. Parents know about son’s dream and will certainly add some money if it’s not enough but the basic sum should be earned by himself.

At first Vlad worked at his native school – there is always something to repair or put in order after an academic year. Later he learnt from his uncle about an opportunity to be employed at the plant. To collect waste paper in offices, to sweep sidewalk – every order is to be done responsively. It’s only 4 hours of work a day permitted but it’s enough to feel pleasant tiredness.

Between times the guy is standing up to different professions at the plant. After 9th grade he’s going to enter college but doesn’t know what field of study to choose. So it turns out to be not only summer working but career guidance as well. And besides it’s a way to find new friends such as Dima. The boys are united by the same hobbies and aims.

14 years old Dima has been practicing in tricks on a scooter for 5 years already. He dreams about custom – a unique one assembled for oneself. Components cost not cheaper than auto parts and active training provides their often replacement. It’s a good thing that Dima’s mother works at the enterprise supporting teenagers’ employment – no need to ask parents for realizing a dream.

Anya is a creative person. At her 15 she studies at music school and attends dance studio, learns English. There is college of culture ahead – Anya wants to be a professional singer. An artist should see himself from the side and a good smartphone is to help with this, preferably a new one. Parents consider an expensive gadget to be unnecessary: either it will be stolen or broken. «Until you don’t earn money yourself you won’t learn to appreciate things». So Anya considered it fair. She has been washing floor and windows administrative premises of the plant for two months already. Meanwhile she has been choosing a smartphone all this time – just in time by September 1.