Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY took the regional business-award for its technological breakthrough

On August 10 in Kemerovo the celebrating ceremony of the Avant-Person Award winners took place where OOO «Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY» was recognized as the best company in technological breakthrough. The award was given to the founder Alexander Slyadnev and general director Dmitriy Razuvaev.

Expert commission evaluated the company’s contribution to the recycling development and the green economy of the region forming. Thanks to the realization of the new technological line KDM-2 project the enterprise managed to increase waste paper recycling 4 times and to provide the ability of low-grade landfill waste paper utilization to 60% of the whole mass, to step up production of innovational antibacterial paper, to create 119 jobs and multiply payments to the budget.

The award is founded by the editor of Avant Group and is held for the 11th time. Its aim is to present companies working at the region and enhancing its development and as well managers, entrepreneurs successfully realized interesting projects or public benefit initiatives promoting civilized and competent approach to doing business.