Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY has upgraded its industrial excursion route

The first in 2023 guided tour group of students – the future greenkeepers visited Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY on the 8th of February. Guys were shown the new production line KDM-2 for the first time since it had been started last year’s December.

In 2022 KS organized more than 20 excursions for schoolchildren, students, eco-activists, mass media, managers, authority representatives, the members of regional government delegations.

Industrial guiding tours have become the traditional way of educational activity for KS. The guests of the largest recycling enterprise in Kuzbass are suggested to observe the paper recycling process and ensure themselves that separate waste collection is the way to save nature resources and return recyclables into economic circulation and which is important – to make money.

Last year Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY became the participant of All-Russian Industrial Tourism Aссelerator organized by Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) supported by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Nowadays Kuzbass is one of the leaders in regional industrial tourism development in Russia. While being to Kuzbass tourists have an opportunity to visit some unique enterprises that could not be seen in any other Russian region – not only skiing at Sheregesh or Tanay resorts.

Industrial tourism allows a layman to broaden his horizon by immersion in the specific manufacturing, allows the most industrial Siberian region to form new image – «Green economics – clean Kuzbass».