The pupils of the patronized school visited the plant

On March, 21 Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY was visited by the 8th grades pupils of Prigorodnaya secondary school that is patronized by the plant.

Prigorodniy is the nearest to the enterprise settlement. А lot of Company’s employees live here. For many years Company has been taking patronage of the school - helps with repairs and equipment as well as school supplies.

The pupils whose parents work here were double interested in the process of wasted paper recycling at the new production: unloading and warehousing of wasted paper and cardboard, its disbanding in a bale breaker and its primary grinding in a waterbreaker. In the pulp preparing compartment students were shown the pulp decontamination process and filtration. In the cardboard workshop guys observed papermaking and paper drying and cutting. In stock they were introduced to the marking and warehousing system. At the Quality Control Department children were explained how the quality of raw materials and products is tested.

Visiting enterprises helps to get a picture of the concrete industry branch but in senior grades it is also gives an opportunity to try on this or that profession. Some children have already expressed their wish to work at Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY in future.