Prepare sleigh in summer, and eurocubes buy in winter!

Only a month left till the end of winter and it’s the very moment to think about preparing for another gardening season. They have already thought in Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY and announced the sale of eurocubes.

IBC-containers popularity among people is not occasional. The potential of the container in everyday life is huge: water storage, septic tank or cesspit, coalbox, compost container, improvised font or children’s pool… the list is far from complete, not to mention that it is almost a ready solution for organizing a summer shower or watering system. The schedule of water supply in the neighborhood association no longer matters: filled the cube and watering when convenient.

The volume of IBC-container is 1,000 litres, dimensions 1200x1000x1160 mm, weight 55 kg. Each tank is braided, on a pallet, equipped with a drain valve and washed. The cost of one cube is 7,000 rubles, and when buying from 10 pieces – 6,500 p. Prices are frozen to spring.