The second grid table KDM-2 is launched

The engineers of Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY plant put into operation the upper grid table of the second cardboard machine.

The enterprise is able now to produce higher quality products – prime cardboard and lux paper. The second grid table provides top flow of waste paper pulp. Connecting to the lower flow, it forms a paper sheet with the stronger binds that influences directly on the product features.

After pilot production the specialists of the quality control department had analyzed the product qualities indicators and had found that they exceeded the characteristics required for role products by a number of leading RF corrugators.

Until recently KDM-2 have been worked with «one lung». To plug another one – the upper grid table – was impossible because of the old week transformer. With the launch of the top flow, the line’s performance has increased by 20%, from 200 to 250 tons of paper per day.