The participants of BoomBattle got acquainted with the waste paper recycling process

On October 12 the first visit of the participants of All-Russian campaign BoomBattle in Kuzbass to Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY took place.

The volunteer ecologists came to watch the collected waste paper recycling process. Among them there are 3-rd grade students of Institute of Biology, Ecology and Natural Resources of Kemerovo State University, the «Do it!» movement school #74 division members and the members of the school squad «PROsocial Drop». All of them joined the BoomBattle campaign organized by «National Priorities» organization supported by Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Science.

Recall that Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY became the official logistics partner of the campaign in Kemerovskaya region. Waste paper collecting will continue to November 15. In addition to schoolchildren, students and kindergartners any person could take part in the project. Representatives of major manufacturing enterprises, business and public organizations will deliver waste paper. Waste paper collected all around Kuzbass will be recycled by Kemerovo plant Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY