Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY changes the terms of the campaign «Collect. Deliver. Recycle»!

In 2024 middle and higher schools could take part in the campaign. There is a separate category for them to compete in effectiveness.

The annual environmental action of the plant had started on May 1 and will last until December 1. Its participants will be kindergartens, schools, middle and higher schools of Kemerovo and Kemerovo municipal district.

During the period of the campaign organizations could deliver waste paper unlimited number of times – the weight will be summed up. 15 most efficient organizations – 5 for each of 3 categories – will get monetary prizes according to the results of the campaign. There will not be losers in it because Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY will buy the whole waste paper collected.

It’s enough to call 8-800-700-5222 to take part in the campaign. Detailed information about the terms and the rules of preparing waste paper to deliver is in the Regulations.