Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY’s constructor-houses for children are gaining popularity among Kemerovo citizens

On Saturday, July 29 in Kemerovo the Kuzbass MCHS Mini-football Cup took place. Within sports weekend streetball, figital-football and beach volleyball competitions were held.

A children’s play area was organized for young Kemerovo citizens where one of attractions were constructor-houses of Kuzbass producer. In the course of the game, they could be colored, and the children used it.

Kemerovo waste paper recycling mill supplies enterprises of Siberia, Far East, Kazakhstan with paper and cardboard. Production of constructor-houses is a side project of industrial company aimed at formation of conscious consumption in the younger generation. Toys are made from recycled material that is collected at kindergartens, schools within the campaign «Collect. Take. Recycle». Cardboard houses are made from antibacterial paper that makes them safe and hygienic that is important for kids.