Meet B-0 lux

Commissioning of the second cardboard machine allowed Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY plant to widen range of products by new high-quality positions. B-0 Lux paper has become one of the novelties.

B-0 Lux is made according to specifications because exeeds the GOST for this product on such an indicator as end compression resistance. B-0 Lux has it 1,5-2 times higher depending on paper density. This increases the strength of the corrugated boxes that is important for stacking of boxes with goods.

One more peculiarity of B-0 Lux is an opportunity to produce 160 g/m2 density paper missing in GOST. In addition to the plant is able to produce high end compression resistance paper with 175 g/m2 density.

Today only Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY produces B-0 Lux from recycled waste paper. One can purchase it by prior request.