«Green Tram» told about recycling of waste paper

Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY traditionally joined the city environmental action «Green Tram», which took place in Kemerovo on June 5.

Annually on the World Environment Day and Russian Ecologist Day the «Green Tram» action is hold by Department for Environmental Protection of the City of Kemerovo supported by Kemerovo Electric Transport Company. This year it was hold within All-Russian Days of Protection from Environmental Danger and All-Russian «Marathon of Green Affairs».

Young ecologists – kindergartners, pupils, students and their teachers – were telling to passengers why it is important to collect household waste separately and where to take sorted waste, including waste paper.

It has not been without environmental gifts. During the action, passengers were handed out reusable fabric bags and paper bags instead of plastic. One of the trams had an environmental quiz and the prizes were notebooks made of paper recycled by Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY.

«Green Trams» with environmental information inside will run on all five city routes during the summer.