Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY have been to away eco-class for the Siberian Polytechnic College students

Second-year students of the Siberian Polytechnic College mastering specialty «Mechatronics and mobile robotics» have been to an away eco-class at the industrial park «Zapadniy». The purpose of the visit was to learn the technology of waste paper recycling.

The start of production process is waste paper reception coming by automobile or railway (rarely) transport. Unloaded bales of pressed waste paper are waiting for their turn at storage where they are being taken from to put on the bale breaker’s conveyor belt and are being loosed.

Pulp preparation starts with the hydrobeater where loosed waste paper mixes with water and being grinded. Large foreign inclusions are being brushed aside to a special container. Further separation, smooth cleaning and filtration provide pulp optimum condition for the beginning of new product manufacturing – paper or cardboard.

Paper web forming starts in cardboard workshop on the board machine cloth. Coming through heated drying cylinders paper evaporates extra water and is wounding on metal shafts. The processing line ends with a longitudinally-slicing machine where paper is being cut to different formats and wounding on cardboard tubes.

Every batch of products is checked by technical control laboratory for the correspondence of its parameters to the requirements of the state standard (GOST) or technical conditions (TU). Then it is being marked and sent to srorage.