Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY has supported nature young defenders

On October 20 in Kemerovo the final regional event of All-Russian campaign «Russia is a territory of ecolyata – nature young defenders» took place. Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY plant provided some souvenirs for the winner team.

Generally, 7 teams of 7 participants aged between 6-16 from different municipalities of Kuzbass presented their environmental projects to the jury. Besides the project description and the young ecologists story each performance included master class on working with nature materials and recyclables. The jury evaluated team performances on a number of criteria such as: environmental topic accordance, young ecolyata symbols, practical benefits of the project, artistic value and the number of recyclables used. All participants had showed advanced level and the jury was difficult to choose. Nevertheless, the experts agreed in opinion that the team from Promyshlennovskiy district had proved to be stronger.