The winners of the environmental action «Collect. Deliver. Recycle» were awarded in Kemerovo

On April 12 in the small hall of administration of Kemerovo the awarding of winners and prize-winners of the annual environmental action «Collect. Deliver. Recycle – 2023» took place.

General Director of OOO «Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY» Dmitriy Razuvaev handed Letters of appreciation and monetary awards to the heads of the winning organizations.

Waste paper recycling plant «Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY» has been running the action since 2016. Its traditional participants are pre-school institutions and schools of Kemerovo. The main goal of the action is to help shape a culture of separate recyclables collection and careful attitude to nature resources with the growing generation.

According to the conditions of the campaign they can deliver waste paper numerous times per year. It’s not necessary to drive somewhere – the plant exports recyclables with its own eco-cars and pays for each kilogram. When summing up the 10 most effective participants are defined – 5 for each category. They are awarded by special monetary prizes from the prize pool. All kindergartens and schools taking part in campaign will receive the Letters of appreciation.