Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY is the Benefactor of the Year 2022

The company was awarded an honorary title in the city competition, that was held for 22nd time already. The awards to 35 participants were given by mare of Kemerovo Dmitriy Anisimov.

According to tradition, those who do extensive charity work are awarded on the eve of the City Day celebration (June 12). This time 57 candidates participated the competition including 41 organization and enterprises, 10 individual entrepreneurs and 6 citizens. Applications for the competition were sent by benefactors themselves as well as those whom they had helped.

Gratuitous assistance was provided in various ways: allocation of funds for monuments, acquisition of equipment for children’s organizations, holding different events including excursions, visiting institutions of culture, low-income families supporting. Citizens made a great contribution to support for those who are in the area of special operation, also for their families – purchased presents for children, necessary things and equipment for warriors and delivered humanitarian aid for DNR and LNR habitants.