Waste paper recycling will be shown to Kuzbass people

«Made in Kuzbass» TV-channel will show waste paper recycling by Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY plant. 9-minute movie will be released on January 13 and will be broadcast daily. The video shows the full production cycle from raw material to product loading.

Waste paper recycling in the region dates back to 2002 when Kuzbasskiy SKARABEY plant was founded in Kemerovo. It is the largest recycling enterprise in Kuzbass today processing 120 thousand tons of waste paper per year. The waste paper processing products are corrugated paper and flat layer cardboard. That is the basis for producing corrugated cardboard packaging without which almost no manufacturer of goods –whether it is food or household appliances – can do.

Waste paper recycling is an alternative to pulp and paper production. Reuse of recycled materials allows to significantly save natural resources – firstly coniferous woods, water, electric energy. Kemerovo plant alone annually saves from cut 1,2 million trees.